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    What is the Buddy network?

    Aalborg University has a popular Buddy Network, which helps new international students settle in their new environment.

    A Buddy is a current AAU student who - on a voluntary basis - functions as a contact person for the international student, and helps out during their first days, weeks or perhaps months at Aalborg University.

    It is up to the international student to decide how much he/she will make use of his/her buddy. Some international students become good friends with their buddies while others just need some help in the initial time after arrival.


    As the Buddy Network relies on volunteers, there is no guarantee that everyone can get a buddy, but we will do our best.

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    what help can you expect from your buddy?

    Your buddy should introduce you to Danish culture so you get a sense of what is "normal", that is, what is expected in certain situations, and what is accepted - in other words, so you can avoid putting your foot in your mouth. Also some insight to Danish humor, self-irony, and punctuality.

    You should also get an introduction to studying at Aalborg University; what is the study culture (e.g. you are responsible for your own learning), how to address the professors, academic discussions/questions during lectures, information about project and group work, and group exams, moodle etc.

    • Be guided around campus.
    • Get help with information on cheap public transport (e.g. travel card) and how to get one
    • Learn about the travel planner
    • Be offered help getting a Danish bank account (requires a CPR number,  which requires a residence permit)
    • What are the traffic rules (when riding bike: no drunk driving, don’t drive the wrong way on a 1-way street, one person on a one-person bike, don’t cross on red, mandatory with lights at night, pedestrian roads etc. – fines of around 1000DKK)


    Be guided around the city:

    • Where to grocery shop
    • Where to get a good cheap bike
    • Where is the hospital (emergency ward)
    • Where is the police station
    • Where is the public library (how to borrow books, CDs and DVDs with the CPR card)
    • Where is the university library
    • Good café’s and bars
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    apply for a buddy

    You can apply for a buddy by filling the form on the link below.

    sign me up for a buddy

More info on buddies

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