New students

AAU email for part-time students

AAU email

When you are registered at the University, you will automatically get an AAU email address, which you must use during your period of enrolment. All email communication from Aalborg University will be sent to your AAU email address.

You must also use your AAU email in order to access different IT systems at Aalborg University, such as

  • STADS Self Service
  • Moodle.

You activate your AAU email account and get information about your AAU email address by logging on to UniStart.

In connection with your enrolment, we will send you a message (bearing the headline ' Welcome as a new student at Aalborg University') to the email address that you used when you applied for admission. The message contains your password to UniStart the first time you log on.

Read more about the AAUmail and how you get started here:

AAU email.