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IT Systems for part-time students

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As a student at Aalborg University, you need to know about some important IT systems.

At this page you can read more about:


UniStart is the online self-service system that you must use in order to get access to your AAU email account (AAUmail). It is also through UniStart that you must order your student card (AAUcard).

You log on to UniStart by using the password which you will receive in an email that we will send to you (to the email address that you used when you applied for admission) in connection with your admission.

Log on UniStart

STADS self service

STADS is the student administration system at Aalborg University where all the University's students (full time as well as part time) are registered with personal information and information about enrolment and exams.

As a student  you can access that part of STADS which is called STADS Self Service. Here you can log on and do the following:

  • Unregister from an exam (if you have become ill or want to postpone an exam)
  • See your exam results
  • See your credit transfers
  • Print your student record in Danish or English
  • Print a confirmation of enrolment at the University

User name for STADS Self Service: your AAU e-mail without ''.
Password to STADS Self Service: the password that belongs to your AAU e-mail.

log on STADS Self Service

Moodle: courses, time table, and contact with your program

All programs at Aalborg University use Moodle as a learning management system (LMS) for communication with the students. In Moodle you will find information about your program, such as timetable, course descriptions, course litterature etc. You can also write to your program secretary through Moodle and get answers to questions about your program.

User name for Moodle: your AAU e-mail.
Password for Moodle: the password that belongs to your AAU e-mail.

Learn more about and log on Moodle

IT Support

If you need support in connection with the different IT systems, you can contact the following:

ITS (Aalborg University's central IT department)

Concerning UniStart, AAUmail, Stads Self-service and Moodle:
Phone: 9940 2020