New students

Medicine with Industrial Specialisation, Medical Market Access

Medicine with industrial specialisation 2021

Welcome to AAU

We warmly welcome you to Medicine with Industrial Specialisation at Aalborg University. We look forward to meeting you, and we hope that your stay here will be pleasant, inspiring, and rich in learning. 

Moodle access 

From mid-August you will have access to Moodle, which is Aalborg University's student information platform. Moodle will be continuously updated with links to course schedules, learning materials, semester descriptions etc. Information about Moodle is available on the right-hand side of this webpage.

Below, you will find information about your first day as a student at Aalborg University, location, contact information, student counselling and more.

welcome days

Please visit Welcome days for information about welcome reception, student ID card, the Buddy Network and more.

First day of study

First day of study for master students at campus Aalborg is 2 September 2022. Your semester coordinator, Maj Schneider Thomsen, will greet you and your new fellow students. Venue for the wellcome meeting will be announced in the schedule in week 35.

The time schedule for the semester will be available in Moodle from 15 August. 

Introduction to PBL - Problem-based Learning 

An introduction to Problem-Based Learning will be held shortly after the first day of study. Time and location will be announced later.

The programme's location

Lectures and other activities are located in the area of Niels Jernes Vej and Fredrik Bajers Vej 7 and 3B, 9220 Aalborg East


Here you can find the campus map. Please use "vis bygningsliste" (show buildings) to find the address.


To give you the best start at Aalborg University your new student buddy, Mikkel Brenfelt, who is a student at this study programme, will answer your questions regarding Moodle, how to find your way around AAU ect. Please contact Mikkel if you have any questions.

Mikkel Brenfelt, Student ambassador, 


Dorthe Skree
Niels Jernes Vej 12, A5-112
9220 Aalborg East
Phone +45 9940 8815

STUDent counselling

You may contact our student counsellors, who are students at the study programme, regarding different aspects of student life at AAU as for instance academic content of the programme, study environment, examination rules, exemptions, programme curriculum, possibilities to go abroad or job opportunities. Please write an email to


As a student is it important to know these pages: – The official Aalborg University web page – Department of Health Science and Technology. Here you can find information about education programmes, the latest research within your field of study, PhD-lectures, research groups, etc. 

Course schedule and book lists

Moodle is the intranet used at Aalborg University. Through this network, you can find important information about your study programme, such as course schedule, academic calendar, course descriptions, and book lists. Your information will be published in Moodle during the last two weeks before your semester starts.

If you do not see any information in Moodle when you log in, it is not yet available. We therefore recommend that you check back regularly.

In Moodle, you can also see how to get in touch with your study secretary, if you have questions regarding your study programme. Your study secretary can also contact you via your AAU email.

Info and videos on how to use Moodle

Moodle login

You can log in to Moodle as soon as you have received your AAU e-mail account. However, your information in Moodle may not be available before late August. 

To log into Moodle, you will need your AAU e-mail account details, which you got from UniStart.

  • Username to Moodle: your AAU e-mail address.
  • Password to Moodle: the same password that you use for your AAU e-mail account.

Link to Moodle