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Entrepreneurial Engineering

Welcome as a student to Entrepreneurial Engineering

Semester information, links to modules and schedule will be available in our intranet Moodle mid-August at the latest. Please look here:


Fibigerstraede 2 and Fibigerstræde 11, 9220 Aalborg East


September 2022. For date, time and venue, please see schedule in Moodle.


Diana Rabech Rose Lykkegaard
Fibigerstræde 2, room 101a
Phone: +45 9940 7279


Fibigerstræde 2, Room 6
9220 Aalborg Øst
Moodle Room:


Course schedule and book lists

Moodle is the intranet used at Aalborg University. Through this network, you can find important information about your study programme, such as course schedule, academic calendar, course descriptions, and book lists. Your information will be published in Moodle during the last two weeks before your semester starts.

If you do not see any information in Moodle when you log in, it is not yet available. We therefore recommend that you check back regularly.

In Moodle, you can also see how to get in touch with your study secretary, if you have questions regarding your study programme. Your study secretary can also contact you via your AAU email.

Info and videos on how to use Moodle

Moodle login

You can log in to Moodle as soon as you have received your AAU e-mail account. However, your information in Moodle may not be available before late August. 

To log into Moodle, you will need your AAU e-mail account details, which you got from UniStart.

  • Username to Moodle: your AAU e-mail address.
  • Password to Moodle: the same password that you use for your AAU e-mail account.

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