New students

In case of emergency

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    ambulance, fire dpt., Police

    For emergencies where need to call an ambulance, the police, or the fire department, dial 112.

    If you need to contact the police in a non-emergency, dial 114, or e-mail


    Only when your own dentist is closed: Phone: 70 20 02 55


    Phone: 98 12 42 02


    Phone: 98 12 32 92


    Aalborg University Hospital
    Hobrovej 18-22, 9000 Aalborg
    Phone: 97 66 00 00

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    Other Important numbers

    on-call DOCTOR

    (Only when your own doctor is closed)
    Phone: 70 15 03 00
    Opening hours: weekdays 16-08
    Weekends and holidays open 24 hours


    Budolfi Apotek (open every day until midnight)
    Algade 60, 9000 Aalborg
    Phone: 98 12 06 77

    police (non-emergency)

    Dial 114, or e-mail

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    Health insurance

    The Danish healthcare system offers equal and universal access for all residents. As an international student and resident in Denmark you will have access to free medical treatments, as well as free doctor consultations regarding all aspects of your health, including mental and sexual health. Danish healthcare do have a few exceptions, such as dental care and physiotherapy, which are not free, but may be covered by your private insurance. 

    The Danish National Health Insurance Card

    International students that are staying in Denmark for at least three months and who have registered with the Danish authorities as described one the page "Residence and CPR-number", are automatically included in the Danish Health Insurance Scheme, which gives you the right to free medical treatment by general practitioners and in hospitals – but not by dentists.

    When you register at the Citizen Service Center you will receive a personal registration number, which also serves as your health insurance number. After your registration you will receive a health insurance card. Remember always to bring the card along when you see your doctor or your dentist. The name, address and phone number of your chosen doctor will be printed on the card.

    Here's what the card looks like - often called "the yellow card":

    The national health insurance card

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    Other insurance


    Aalborg University requests all international students to take out a public liability insurance policy to cover expenses for compensating injuries to others or damages to others' belongings.


    Aalborg University recommends all international students to take out a personal accident insurance to cover expenses in case of personal injury.
    Students, who participate in laboratory work during their studies, are insured by Aalborg University. This insurance covers injuries suffered during laboratory experiments, and other laboratory activities during fieldtrips, excursions, internships, etc. However, you should still take out a personal accident insurance that will cover you outside the laboratory.


    Aalborg University recommends all international students to take out a house contents insurance to cover loss or theft of personal belongings.

    For more information about insurance and safety, you may refer to's section "Health & Safety".