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Travelling in Aalborg

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    Map of AAU

    At AAU Aalborg, programmes are spread out over most of the city, but the majority is located on the main campus in the Eastern part of Aalborg, about 6 kilometres from city centre.

    overview map of Aalborg University.

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    Denmark is a very bike-friendly country, and Aalborg is of course no exception! Most streets have bike lanes, and there are bikes routes going to the university from almost anywhere in the city.

    When it gets dark outside, you are required by law to have lights on the bike, so remember always to bring along two lights for the bicycle – a white light for the front, and red light for the back.

    If you decide to buy a bike, make sure to also buy a lock!

    Where to get a bike

    Aalborg has many bike shops, but buying a brand new bike can be expensive. You have several alternatives:

    • Larger supermarkets like Bilka, Føtex or Kvickly sell new bikes at fairly low prices.
    • The following service provides students with a “free” bike for a whole year:

    Second hand bikes:

    • The police hold auctions about twice a year, where you can bid on used bikes.
    • is a social project that sells refurbished and recycled bicycles non-profit.
    • Check online newspapers like and, where people sell their used bikes. Both website are in Danish, so you might need some help using them.

    Bike = cykel
    Men’s bike = herrecykel
    Women’s bike = damecykel
    Make sure to specify the area in which you are looking for the bike.

    Plan your route

    You can use Google Maps to plan your bike route.

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    Aalborg has a well-developed system of bus routes, and several busses go to and from the University frequently.

    It is easy to plan your journey at (available in Danish, English, German). You can also download the 'Rejseplanen' app, available in English and for several platforms.


    There are several ways to buy a ticket:

    • Single tickets: Buy directly from the bus driver. Please note that you must pay with cash.
    • Mobile tickets: Buy via text message, or via an iPhone/Android app. There is no discount for using mobile tickets.
    • Monthly pass: Buy at the bus terminal. You will need a passport size photo. With the monthly pass, you can travel unlimited.
    • Rejsekort: Translates to 'travel card'. Buy online at (available in English). Buying a personal rejsekort is free of charge, and includes additional discounts. Check in when entering the bus, and check out when you leave it. Travelling with night busses is free when you use your rejsekort.
    • Student discounts: Unfortunately, there are no discounts for students unless you live outside of Aalborg, or if you are receiving SU (State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme).
    • Night busses: Travelling after midnight requires an additional fee of 2 zones. If you use rejsekort, you will not be charged this fee.

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    From Aalborg train station, you can catch a number of trains going either North (toward the city Frederikshavn or Skagen) or South (toward Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen.)

    • IC-trains stop at all stations on their route.
    • ICL-trains are express trains that stop only at a few major stations.
    • Blue trains are regional and stop at all stations.


    It is important that you buy a ticket before boarding! The fine for not having a valid ticket is 750 DKK.

    Buy tickets at station kiosks or online at DSB or Rejseplanen. You can also use 'rejsekort' when travelling by train.

Bringing your car to Denmark

Are you planning to bring your car to Denmark? Then make sure to read and understand the laws and regulations regarding licences, tax and registration. Click here and be directed to SKAT's (Tax Authorities) website regarding this issue:

Tax Authorities