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    Study environment and social life

    You’ll find an array of organisations and activities available to you on campus. You can join the fitness club, have a cold drink in the Friday bar 'Slusen', engage in the production of the student magazine 'Navigator' or attend yoga classes. These are just a few of the activities available to you on campus. Read more about the social life on campus here:
    aau cph Social Life

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    Student organisations at campus

    The Coffee Spot (Kaffepletten)

    The Coffee Spot is located at "Studentertorvet" in building B (Frederikskaj 12), a lounge area for students. At the Coffee Spot, friends meet over a cup of coffee and a board game. It is open every second Wednesday from 2 pm to 5 pm and everybody is invited.

    It is driven by volunteers and it is a part of the social and recreational spaces provided by AAU CPH

    Read more about The Coffee Spot at their Facebook page:

    the coffee spot

    the student bar

    The student bar on campus is called ”Slusen”. Slusen is run by students and arranges both Friday bars and parties. You’ll find more information about Slusen and the events arranged by them on their Facebook page:


    Social Life CPH

    Social Life AAU CPH is a Facebook group that aims to keep you updated on upcoming events and social activities on campus.

    Follow Social Life AAU CPH on Facebook:

    Social Life AAU CPH


    More student organisations 

    You can find all student organisations at AAU CPH - such as "The Study Environment Commitee", "Sustainabeans", "Bridge" etc. at AAU CPH´s campus intra for students:

    All organisations

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    Get started in Copenhagen

    StudyCPH aims to help international students to settle, integrate and discover Copenhagen and Danish culture. StudyCPH is managed by Studenterhuset, who is a non-profit, student-driven organisation.

    studycph's website

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    Things to do and see

    At Visit Copenhagen's website, Copenhagen's official tourist guide, you can find lots of tips to cool places to hang out, great spots to visit and many activities to explore.

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    Learn Danish

    You can find a lot of different language courses in Copenhagen.
    Following these courses will give you a grasp of the language as well as an understanding of the Danish society.

    One language provider "UCplus" has now started with Danish lessons at AAU CPH campus - and you can still join!

    Read more about USplus language courses here

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    Get your Survival Guide

    Download the International Students' Survival Guide to Denmark, which has tons of useful information to help you get started with your life and studies in Denmark. Aalborg University has contributed to the guide to make sure it is particularly relevant to you.

    International Students' Survival Guide

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    Finding work

    Students from EU and Scandinavian countries do not require a work permit to work in Denmark.

    Students from Non EU/EEA countries automatically obtain a student work permit along with their visa. The student work permit allows the student to work 20 hours a week and full time (37 hours per week) in June, July and August.

    Your rights when taking work

    It is important that you know your rights when taking work. Have your contract looked through by a Danish trade union or ask at your local Jobcenter before signing. If you are elligible for SU (state grants), you can also ask AAU's SU Office for counselling regarding working while receiving SU. also has useful information that is good to know when taking work.

    Finding a job

    Unemployment levels are currently high in Denmark, so finding a job may be difficult. However, learning Danish makes it considerably easier to find a job. You are always welcome to contact AAU Career, who can help you with more advice and counselling on getting employed. They also have a list of online job sites to help you get started, and exciting events every semester

    AAU Career

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    A few useful Danish words

    Hi/hello = hej

    Bye = hej hej!
    Goodbye = farvel
    See you = vi ses

    Excuse me... = undskyld
    Thank you = tak
    Where is...? = hvor er...?

    Time = tid
    Hour = time
    Day = dag
    Evening = aften
    Night = nat

    Did you know?

    The Danish word 'gift' means both 'married' and 'poison' 

    'Skat' means both 'treasure' and 'taxes'

    The Danish alphabeth has three additional vowels: Æ - Ø - Å