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Travelling in Copenhagen

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    Finding AAU CPH

    Finding AAU CPH is easy. We are located at A.C. Meyers Vænge 15, 2450 Copenhagen SV, in the Sydhavn district just a few kilometres from Copenhagen city centre. This means that you can easily access AAU CPH whether you are travelling by car, bicycle or public transport.

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    Public transport

    Tickets and zones

    The Greater Copenhagen Area is divided into zones. At bus stops and train stations, you will find coloured zone maps that help you calculate the fare for your journey. The most expensive coloured zone you pass through on your journey from A to B determines the price you have to pay for the fare. You pay for a minimum of two zones.

    Metro, bus and train can be combined as much as you like as long as your ticket is valid. You can buy your ticket at the ticket office or in the machines at the stations. If you take the bus, you can buy your ticket from the bus driver, but bring coins, not notes.

    There are several ways to obtain a discount on public transportation for students - e.g. by buying a monthly travel card. You bring your ID (e.g. passport) and a passport photo of yourself to a ticket office. Please go to the ticket office at Copenhagen Central Station for more information.

    You can also buy a ‘Rejsekort’ (Travel Card) which is an electronic ticketing system for travelling by bus, train and metro. This is bought online at Rejsekort unites the different transport operators, travel zones, ticketing systems and discount schemes into a common system, which makes it easier for passengers to use public transport services in Denmark.

    If you own a smartphone, you may also download an app that allows you to buy tickets at their lowest cost directly from your phone. There are several different Danish ticket apps, so do a search and select the highest rated app you can find.

    Please be aware that if you do not have correct ticketing, you can get a fine.

    planning your trip

    If you need to figure out how to get from one place to another by public transportation, an easy way is to use the Journey Planner website (in Danish: ’Rejseplanen’).

    You just type in your starting point and ending point, and the Journey Planner then maps out your entire trip, including possible bus or train changes. 

    If you have a smartphone, you can also download a 'Rejseplanen' app, available for several platforms. The app is in English.

    the Journey Planner

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    An alternative to public transportation is riding a bicycle. Most things in Copenhagen are located within a reasonable distance, so riding a bicycle is usually cheaper, healthier and sometimes even faster.

    When it gets dark outside, you are required by law to have lights on the bike, so remember always to bring along two lights for the bicycle – a white light for the front, and red light for the back.

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    Taxi services are rather expensive in Denmark. For example, the 9.5 km trip from Copenhagen Airport to AAU CPH is around 170 – 220 DKK.

Bringing your car to Denmark

Are you planning to bring your car to Denmark? Then make sure to read and understand the laws and regulations regarding licences, tax and registration. Click here and be directed to SKAT's (Tax Authorities) website regarding this issue:

Tax Authorities