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Join communities on and off Campus

Create communities through bubbles

Create communities through bubbles

What is

At it is possible to find new communities and interests, both for you as a student at AAU and also your fellow students at UCN. It can be anything from finding new friends to academic sparring or someone to do sports with, play in a band or whatever your interests are - you can find it on or be the first to create that bubble so others can find you. It is up to you what types of communities you are looking for at, and through other bubbles from fellow students, you may be inspired to create new communities.

At the same time, also entails a comprehensive overview of the activities and the associations (a typical Danish thing: forening) that are available to you as a student. For example, if an activity takes place on campus in Aalborg, Esbjerg or Copenhagen or in one of the three municipalities, it is possible to find the activity on Activities can be anything from presentations, Friday bars and more. Maybe you would like to do a volleyball tournament across educations and maybe even across educational institutions, as UCN is also part of the initiative? Let your imagination run riot!

Likewise with the many associations you can become a part of, both on campus, but also in the entire municipality, it is possible to find them through the association overview. It can be anything from study councils to handball clubs.

What can you find on, and what can you use it for?

If you have a good idea, go to and create a bubble. The bubbles can be created for all campuses; Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen. It is a great opportunity for you as a student to find relevant social activities and get a larger network by inviting fellow students in by creating relevant bubbles and posting activities open for all to join. is expected to be launched in an English version before the summer holidays, but it is already now possible to create events, bubbles and associations in English by following this guide.