New students

New Student at Aalborg University

Welcome to Aalborg University!

As a new international student at Aalborg University, you have to seek out and obtain a lot of new information regarding your arrival in Denmark and your first days of study. This website will help you find the relevant and practical information you need to get started. It contains the essentials for a smooth beginning to your stay and studies in Denmark.

In order to present you with the most relevant information about your studies at Aalborg University, please select the type of study programme in the city you have been admitted to below.

If you are unsure of the type of study programme you have been admitted to, please refer to your digital admission letter. If you are a Danish citizen, please use the Danish version of this site,

Starting in October, we will continuously update the information on these pages towards the February 2023 intake. Please be patient :-)

Bachelor and exchange
Master (full-time) and exchange
Continuing education (part-time)

AAU Welcome Day Info

Get a sneak peek at the information film that we will show during Welcome Days at Aalborg University.


Download the International Students' Survival Guide to Denmark, which has tons of useful information to help you get started with your life and studies in Denmark.

Survival Guide to Denmark